Monday, November 12, 2007

Best GoDaddy Deals on the Internet!

Get 10% off any order at GoDaddy


Use code PCH1 and you will save 10 PERCENT off any order large or small. PCH1 is all you have to remember to get that 10% discount. Sweet.

Save $5 off any order of $30 or more


Let’s say you’re spending $30 on domain hosting, e-mail addresses or something else at GoDaddy. you can use coupon code PCH2 and save $5 off your order.

Get a .com domain for just $6.95


Save $3 off a .com domain name using promo code PCH3 at checkout. IN FACT, .com domain names are great ways to market yourself. Think of all the .com domain names that people might search for that relate to what you’re doing and get a few to redirect traffic back to your main page. It’s really that easy. In fact I’m using SLASHSTABKILL.COM to link back to the page with the feed for my novel “Diary of a Madman”. If you’re in a band and have a MySpace page, get a .com domain that redirects people to your site!

And here’s the best part… THERE’S NO LIMIT! You can use and re-use these codes over and over and keep saving money.

Just click on any of the above links and it’ll take you right to with that Go Daddy discount code already posted in your inbasket. How could it be any easier?